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Pawsitive Strides
Physical Rehabilitation & Conditioning for Dogs

Success Stories


"I value the integrated approach Kristin uses. She taught me to recognize symptoms of when Quinn is in pain so I can quickly address that by reducing her activity, applying ice packs and administering pain meds. Kristin gave us exercises to do that specifically address the injury as well as to increase Quinn's core strength to improve her athleticism so she doesn't get injured as easily. The in-office treatments helped to heal Quinn quickly and were painless and non-stressful. Kristin also provided information on all of our treatment options so I could choose what was best for my best friend."


Riot came to Pawsitive Strides for physical rehabilitation after knee surgery for a torn ACL. He went to therapy two to three times a week for a a few months. Within three weeks Kristin got Riot to sit, which was something he could not do. He loved the hydro therapy, and did all types of physical rehabilitation including laser therapy. Kristin was caring, compassionate and dedicated. Riot loved going to Pawsitive Strides and seeing Kristin and Bailey May. Mary, Harv and their vet were amazed in the improvement in only a few months. Kristin was a “god -send” for Riot. He is now able to walk, run, sit and play.


Pitch is a 10 year old yellow lab who blew out her ACL in early 2008 and by June of 2009 had undergone a total of 6 surgeries before being referred to Bend Veterinary Specialists for another surgery. Post-operatively, Pitch then came to Pawsitive Strides to see what could be done to help her rehab from surgery and recover from her previous severe lameness which rendered her only able to walk on three legs. Pitch came in for therapy 2-3 times weekly for several months, slowly and safely regaining the ability to use her painful and weak limb. Pitch's parents appreciated Kristin's honest and realistic approach for Pitch and are glad that there are no more surgeries! Pitch is back running, playing and enjoying her golden years. "She did an awesome job!"


Gauge was 10 years old when he sustained a ruptured disk which resulted in a significant reduction of neurologic function in his rear limbs. After surgery on his back it was recommended that he have physical therapy up in Portland where his surgery was done.  Jim and Lucy, Gauge's parents were happy to discover that Central Oregon had it's own physical rehabilitation facility for dogs and brought Gauge in 2-3 times weekly for 8 weeks. Therapy included hydrotherapy, laser, assisted strengthening exercises and massage. Gauge also received acupuncture with Dr. Low. Kristin recommended a brace for Gauge that also really helped him to have better foot placement while he was re-learning to walk. After a lot of hard work and dedication from Gauge's fan club, he is now a hunting dog again!



"Morgan is a 5 1/2 y.o. Belgian Shepherd mix (with ADHD) that had TTA surgery with Dr. Parchman for a torn ACL. Prior to the surgery, I knew a portion of the post-op physical therapy was on an underwater treadmill. I was nervous about getting her into water (not her favorite activity) and walking on a moving floor, just a few days after surgery, on a bad leg! I called Kristin prior to surgery and expressed my anxieties with it all. She had me come in with Morgan for a "test run" on the treadmill. Morgan immediately liked Kristin and her calm demeanor. Kristin got her into and out of the treadmill with ease. Not an easy task with a dog like Morgan. From then on, Morgan always looked forward to going to Pawsitive Strides to see Kristin. With the laser therapy, electrical stimulation, underwater treadmill, massage, and prescribed daily exercises, Morgan had an exceptionally quick recovery. Thanks so much Kristin! Greg Evans & Morgan" Click on Morgan's photo to see a video!