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Bend Veterinary Specialists
Small Animal Internal Medicine and Surgery

Welcome to our new Clients!

Thank you for choosing Bend Veterinary Specialists and Pawsitive Strides for your pet's special medical needs!  If you have scheduled an appointment with us you can expedite your visit by downloading our new client form and filling it out at home. You can snail mail it to us, email it, fax it or simply bring it with you to your scheduled appointment.

Our Mailing Address is 1245 SE 3rd St, Suite C-3, Bend, OR 97702

Our Fax number is 541-318-1665

Our email address is

For your Appointment:

If your pet has anxiety, is fearful or has other behavioral concerns, please let our staff know prior to bringing them into the clinic so that we may make appropriate accommodations.  Safety of you and your pet as well as safety of others on premises is important to us.

If you are scheduled to see Dr. Sue Dougherty please be sure to with hold food from your pet for 12 hours prior to your appointment. Please DO NOT with hold water. This helps improve visual diagnostic imaging such as ultrasound and x-ray as well as diagnostic lab work.

If your pet is diabetic fasting is not recommended unless otherwise directed.

Unless otherwise directed, if your pet is on prescribed medications please administer as you would normally, including administering with food if required. 

Dr. Parchman's new patients do not need to be fasted unless directed otherwise.

We look forward to meeting you!